GMAT Testimonials



Nandan Sai

GRE Score - 760/800

Grad : GITAM University

A major part of the credit of all the success I'm enjoying should be given to him.. He was the one who spent a lot of time discussing various things with me.. Explaining the problems which I Couldn’t solve.. The class used to be scheduled till 8pm but sir used to teach till 9 pm and not even a single student in the class used to feel like it's Getting late... Sir used to induce a lot of energy into the students which helps them a lot not only to achieve their short term goal of cracking the exams but also to do well later on. Getting into the actual course - He never used to teach how to solve the problem.. Infact he used to make us think in how many different ways a problem can be solved..May be he doesn’t remember who I am because he treats everyone the same way, helping .



S Venkat Santhosh

GRE Score - 710/800

PGP 2016-17

ISB Hyderabad

I feel Guru Sir’s intellect was inevitable for me to clear the first hurdle (entrance exam) to get an MBA ticket. He was very approachable when I met him after a long time. He suggested GMAT considering my work experience. Henceforth, it’s been a tremendous journey from cracking GMAT to getting admits in University of Iowa, Arizona State University, & the most coveted prize, ISB. For a teacher with 15 years of experience, I am sure he has no parallel. It may require a life time for his contemporaries to reach his level. He knows and has explored all the shortest possible approaches to solve a problem. He knows the right logic to make an easy work of Critical reasoning. Finally, I would say He’s not only my Quant or verbal teacher, but also my mentor to seek the creator. He will be my Guru for the rest of my life. He is the best thing to have happened for me after my Engineering.



Viraj Dhawan

International MBA (2012-13)

IE Business School, SPAIN

Anyone would be lucky if they got a chance to learn from Guru Sir. I started whit with GMAT classes in Bombay, then moved to Delhi and finally came to Guru Sir for his help, the best decision I ever took! Besides being the best teacher, Guru Sir's exceptional compassion, genuine concern and endless dedication for all of his students, is what makes him stand out from the rest. Guru’s classes were unique in that he is able to completely think out of the box and breaks problems down into understandable terms and makes sure that students throughly understand the classes. With his enthusiasm, he made you want to learn and was always engaged to discuss things out of class and truly fostered a positive, fun and engaging atmosphere. I would like to Thank Guru Sir for his constant help and endless dedication towards making sure I was confident about taking the GMAT, an exam I was terrified about. It only because of Guru Sir’s classes that I was able to crack the GMAT and get into my dream Business School for my MBA (IE Business School, Madrid). I learnt greatly from these experiences and will remember these classes and the lessons I learnt from them as I move on in my career. Guru Sir allowed us all as a class to explore new and dynamic areas and challenged us to the limits in order to get the best out of us. He is an excellent professor and I highly respect him as a person as well as a professor.




ESSEC Business School, France

MBA in International Luxury Brand Management

Batch 2013-2014

Joining Guru Sir’s classes was by far one of the best decisions of my life. For a student who last did Math in class 10 it was not an easy decision to take the GMAT. After a few unsuccessful attempts at prestigious GMAT institutes in the country, I returned to Vizag. However, returning to Vizag was a blessing in disguise. I found out about Guru sir and immediately contacted him. It was not an easy decision for him to make. Teaching me would mean hours and hours of hardwork, understanding and patience. However, instead of turning down my request, he decided to take on this challenge with me. Months of hard work, sacrifice, patience and understanding went into preparing for the GMAT exam. He first made an effort to understand my weaknesses and then structured the classes based on my level of understanding. There were times when I felt like giving up, but instead he made an effort to find easier and different ways to teach me. He never gave up on me, and because of that I managed to achieve a high GMAT score. Sir, I am eternally grateful to you and your family and would like to take this opportunity to Thank you for your constant motivation, patience and guidance you offered. I would not be where I am today, if it wasn’t for you. Thank you very much again. To all the future Gmat takers, if you want to “CRACK” the GMAT, you have to be part of Guru Sir’s Classes.