GRE Testimonials




GRE Score - 322/340

Guru sir is an inspiration unparalleled. Right from the beginning he has been motivating me to bring the best out of me. He sees to it that students master their basics and then forces them to push their boundaries by throwing all brain teasers.He is too quick at calculations and inspires awe when he starts solving DI. He is ingenious at solving brain rackers and has flawless comprehensible solutions to the same. Guru sir has unlimited thirst for teaching. He is always available for students. One phone call and guru sir is ready with the solution. He consistently motivates his students. His DI solving skills are impeccable and he is the one who made DI a cakewalk for me. He has a unique wordlist for learning vocabulary. His picture mnemonic vocabulary cards made GRE english simple for me. According to me Guru sir is the perfect stop for one to rock one's entrances. Thank U for making life so simple sir.





GRE Score - 317/340

Grad : GITAM University

Guru sir’s teaching has had a very clear and positive impact on my quant score. Even though , I had attended only a few classes of his , I could see my weaknesses in Quant slowly vanishing.Beyond a certain stage , pushing your score for every single mark becomes an arduous task and this is where sir’s involvement really helped me. He would patiently listen to my queries , know my doubts , help me identify my weaknesses and then would show me a direction to work on them. This approach was really helpful not only with my GRE but also to my personal motivation levels which need to be at their best. I am sure every student who has been associated with him would agree on this that he deals with a student the way he/she needs to be ,but not in some stereotype or routine methods. And this , makes Sir a wonderful guru.





GRE Score - 316/340

Grad: GVP

Guru sir’s teaching methods are indisputable.There’s no one who can solve DI faster than him.His vocab teaching methods have a very profound impact,imprinting the words into your memory.The way he explains RCs is simply awesome.He always has a shortcut method for every problem encountered.